Shanti Urreta



    You know those crossroads in life when you are very conscious of veering off of the path you have been on.  My veering off began 13 years ago when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer.  It started me on a path “least traveled.”  I wrote a book about this journey - it talks about that diagnosis and how life made a dramatic change for me.   Please check out my book on Amazon:  Dear World, See What I See, My Vegan Path

    MY Mission

    That path has led me to a yearning - a yearning to make a difference - a difference for people, for the animals and for the planet.  I became certified in Plant Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell  Institute at eCornell and a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I have combined both certificates to work for people’s health, because in the end - the animals and the planet will benefit: Why Vegan?


    My life is about wanting to make a difference.  We all can change the world, when it starts with you.

    “The main driving force behind wanting to go plant based is personal/family health, the animals, the planetary reasons and doing what is right. It is you, Shanti, that makes it, the success that it is your passion, sincerity, and honesty. We love you. Thank you.”
    — Ron, 8 Week Transition Graduate