You know those crossroads in life when you are very conscious of veering off of the path you have been on.  My veering off began 13 years ago when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer.  It started me on a path “least traveled.”  I wrote a book about this journey - it talks about that diagnosis and how life made a dramatic change for me.  If you would like to read more about that story, check it out here. (insert link to Amazon.)

MY Mission

That path has led me to a yearning - a yearning to make a difference - a difference for people, for the animals and for the planet.  I became certified in Plant Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell  Institute at eCornell and a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I have combined both certificates to work for people’s health, because in the end - the animals and the planet will benefit.( link to vegan info - maybe a clip Why Vegan?) 


* speaking engagements on the benefits of a plant based diet for health. (link)

* 8 week transition workshops in my Mahopac home for those who need support to transition to a plant based diet. (link)

* monthly potlucks at my Mahopac home. (link) pics of potluck here

* coach one on one in phone meetings.  Having a health coach is all about doing life better.  I support you in your goals and becoming a more joyful person.    (link) ( in this link - some testimonials from those I have coached) 

My life is about wanting to make a difference.  We all can change the world, when it starts with you.  

Shanti, has helped me reach all my diet, nutrition and lifestyle goals. She is an excelletn vegan health coach.
— Aimee Francisco, Client