Food Changes Everything

We are such a sick country.  Health care is out of control.  Our doctors just keep prescribing more medication. GMO’s are a serious threat to our food supply.  What can we do?

Come listen to a presentation on how you can change your food choices so that we don’t have to be the sick country that we are.  Reverse and prevent many of the diseases that plague the Western dieters.  Learn about the work of highly respected plant based doctors.  It will be a great start to a healthy path for you and your family.  

Contact me for a presentation in your business, at school, or HOST a Living Healthy party (info for link below) at your home.

The health benefits of a plant based diet.  

The science behind a whole foods plant based diet  and navigating the journey are discussed.  The work of T. Colin Campbell, author of the The China Study, Caldwell Esselstyn, author of How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and the work of other plant based doctors are discussed. 

The presentations can include the benefits towards animal welfare and the earth. 

Email me for more information: or check my event's page for upcoming workshops near you.