8 Week Transition Program

Learn how to get healthy, because if you don’t have health, what else matters?  

My passion is to make vegans.  I love that while you are getting healthy, an animal is not being eaten or tortured.  8 weeks of transitioning to a plant based diet. Come and learn!  I’ll take you from organizing your kitchen for maximum efficiency to shopping and reading labels, to preparing a healthy plant based meal for you and your family.  Eye opening discussions on health will take place. The goal is to transition you to better health!

If you are in driving distance to Mahopac, New York be a guest in my house to make that transition.  Bring bowls because there is sure to be leftovers.  

Fee requested, but if this stops you, please let me know. I want you to become vegan and am more than happy to work with you.

Email me for more information: surreta@gmail.com or check my event's page for upcoming workshops near you.